Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008

Too much partying? In 2007 researchers at Kyoto University pitted chimpanzees against college students in three memory-based intelligence tests. The highest- scoring chimp beat all the students in the first test, tied with a few in the second test, and reigned again in the third. More interesting things...

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When we think of Ancient civilization we think of togas, chariots, and gladiators. What we don’t think about is flame-throwers, eye surgery, and other inventions we take for granted. This is a list of things that the ancients had that you think are modern inventions.

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Welcome to the world of reverse graffiti, where the artist’s weapons are cleaning materials and where the enemy is the elements: wind, rain, pollution and decay. It’s an art form that removes dust or dirt rather than adding paint...

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Long before Bonsai Kittens and the tourist guy, hoaxsters have been wreaking havoc on the gullible to amuse themselves and maybe gain a little notoriety. Here are a few hoaxes that pre-date the Internet, in some cases by centuries...

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