1. Placebo Effect

Medical science is only beginning to understand the ways in which the mind influences the body.

The placebo effect is when a person takes something they believe is medicine for an ailment they are suffering (which is not really a medicine), and they get better.

A placebo is an inert substance, and when taken (with the advice from others that it will cure them) makes the person get better, simply because they were expecting or believed that it would work.

Something similar, called the nocebo effect, is when a person takes fake drugs and thinks they are experiencing problems that would have been caused by the real drugs.

They have been known to reduce pain as well.

Why they occur is mysterious and they are only one of the many complicated things related to the body-brain connection. In fact, our own bodies hold many unsolved mysteries.


2. 2012

What makes this year so special? The fact that the Olympics are taking place in London? No. The ancient Maya civilization, from Central America, had a special calendar that was mind-blowingly accurate.

And it predicted that the end of the human life cycle was on December 21st, 2012, the winter solstice.

The Mayans were also good at math and astrology(they accurately predicted an eclipse that occurred hundred of years later).

So people are guessing that they were right about the end of the world thing, too.

Something else that has gotten scientists curious is that there are some major astronomical things happening in 2012.

Apart from the occasional eclipse and comet, the entire solar system is supposed to pass through the center of our galaxy, something that happens only once every 26,000 years.

And, there’s a risk of our planet’s poles switching. Sounds crazy, but scientists say this has already happened.

Also, the Indian calendar, the Kali Yuga, ends at about the same time. Coincidence? I think not.


3. Psychic powers and ESP

Psychic powers and extra-sensory perception (ESP). Many people believe intuition is a form of psychic power, a way of accessing arcane or special knowledge about the world or the future.

Researchers have tested people who claim to have psychic powers, though the results under controlled scientific conditions have so far been negative or ambiguous.

Some have argued that psychic powers cannot be tested, or for some reason diminish in the presence of skeptics or scientists. If this is true, science will never be able to prove or disprove the existence of psychic powers.


4. Deja vu

Deja vu is a French phrase meaning ‘already seen,’ referring to the distinct, puzzling, and mysterious feeling of having experienced a specific set of circumstances before.

A woman might walk into a building, for example, in a foreign country she’d never visited, and sense that the setting is eerily and intimately familiar. Some attribute deja vu to psychic experiences or unbidden glimpses of previous lives.

As with intuition , research into ,human psychology can offer more naturalistic explanations, but ultimately the cause and nature of the phenomenon itself remains a mystery.


5. Near-Death Experiences and Life After Death

People who were once near death have sometimes reported various mystical experiences (such as going into a tunnel and emerging in a light, being reunited with loved ones, a sense of peace, etc.) that may suggest an existence beyond the grave.

While such experiences are profound, no one has returned with proof or verifiable information from “beyond the grave.”

Skeptics suggest that the experiences are explainable as natural and predictable hallucinations of a traumatized brain, yet there is no way to know with certainty what causes near-death experiences, or if they truly are visions of “the other side.”


6. UFOs

There is no doubt that UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist - many people see things in the skies that they cannot identify, ranging from aircraft to meteors.

Whether or not any of those objects and lights are alien spacecraft is another matter entirely; given the fantastic distances and effort involved in just getting to Earth from across the universe, such a scenario seems unlikely.

Still, while careful investigation has revealed known causes for most sighting reports, some UFO incidents will always remain unexplained.


7. Ghosts

From the Shakespeare play “MacBeth” to the NBC show “Medium,” spirits of the dead have long made an appearance in our culture and folklore.

Many people have reported seeing apparitions of both shadowy strangers and departed loved ones.

Though definitive proof for the existence of ghosts remains elusive, sincere eyewitnesses continue to report seeing, photographing, and even communicating with ghosts.

Ghost investigators hope to one day prove that the dead can contact the living, providing a final answer to the mystery.


8. Zombies in Haiti

Haitan vodou, part of their religious practices, has long been considered to be evil.

And the base of this suspicion is that the vodou is used to create zombies. Not zombies as in Hollywood zombies. Not animated brain sucking zombies. Zombies like, sub-conscious humans who do everything they are told.

Wade Davis, a Canadian ethno-biologist, uncovered a lot of info on this.

Apparently, it originated in Africa, and two drugs (or poisons) are inserted into the victim’s bloodstream.

One creates a deathlike trance, and one makes the victim seem like they have no brain of their own, thus rendering them able to do whatever they are told.

3 important facts Davis found was:- zombification is not random, it is not common, and it is used as a kind of severe punishment, most likely to those that have broken the sacred vodou laws


9. Mysterious Disappearances

People disappear for various reasons. Most are runaways, some succumb to accident, a few are abducted or killed, but most are eventually found. Not so with the truly mysterious disappearances.

From the crew of the Marie Celeste to Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, and Natalee Holloway, some people seem to have vanished without a trace.

When missing persons are found, it is always through police work, confession, or accident never by ‘psychic detectives’).

But when the evidence is lacking and leads are lost, even police and forensic science can’t always solve the crime.


10. Intuition

Whether we call it gut feelings, a ’sixth sense,’ or something else, we have all experienced intuition at one time or another.

Of course, gut feelings are often wrong (how many times during aircraft turbulence have you been sure your plane was going down?), but they do seem to be right much of the time.

Psychologists note that people subconsciously pick up information about the world around us, leading us to seemingly sense or know information without knowing exactly how or why we know it.

But cases of intuition are difficult to prove or study, and psychology may only be part of the answer.


11. The Taos Hum

Some residents and visitors in the small city of Taos, New Mexico, have for years been annoyed and puzzled by a mysterious and faint low-frequency hum in the desert air.

Oddly, only about 2 percent of Taos residents report hearing the sound. Some believe it is caused by unusual acoustics; others suspect mass hysteria or some secret, sinister purpose.

Whether described as a whir, hum, or buzz and whether psychological, natural, or supernatural no one has yet been able to locate the sound’s origin.


12. Mass extinctions

From the death of the dinosaurs, to the disappearance of the creatures in the Permian Era, mass extinctions are occurring even now. Sometimes, the cause is clear.

We are destroying the biosphere and the atmosphere, and scientists predict that in the next 100 years, 50% of all living species will become extinct.

But sometimes, the real reason is unclear. It may have been due to competition from other species, dramatic climate changes, or the impacts from an asteroid/meteor (the last one being quite a popular one).

Yet some questions remain unanswered. Why was it that some species died out, and others survived, some to this day (famous example: the coelacanth).

During the extinction of the dinosaurs, crocodiles and turtles were around, but they survived, even to this day, while the dinosaurs, the pterosaurs, the marine reptiles and others died out.

While some people believe that those species were unable to cope with the (possibly) new surroundings, others are not convinced. To this day, they are a mystery, and without a time machine, we may never know

. Other popular theories include:- flood basalt events, smaller asteroid showers, global warming/cooling, sea level drops.


13. Panspermia

How did life on earth appear? Science suggests that life started when the planet was favourable for habitation.

Yet did microscopic organisms just pop out of nowhere?

One hypothesis is panspermia, which suggests that ‘seeds of life’ exist everywhere around the universe, and that life on earth started when these ‘seeds’ came here, probably by a meteor.

It also suggests that these seeds are taken to other habitable places in the universe. Something similar to this is exo-genesis.

It suggests that life was brought to earth those billions of years ago, however it does not say that life is also taken to other habitable places.

Some people believe aliens brought life to our planet, as suggested by the theories of Erich Von Daniken.

Although some are sceptical as to how life could exist in space and get carried to other planets, there is substantial evidence that certain life forms, like spores and certain types of bacteria can actually exist in space, perhaps in a dormant state.


14. Life on exoplanets

Exoplanets, short for extra-solar planets, are planets beyond the solar system.

There are 277 recorded exoplanets to date. However, there is no confirmation that there is life on any of them, or in the universe, for that matter. However, it is still a mystery.

This is different from UFOs as UFO are unidentified flying objects, meaning something unidentified that has been seen on earth.

Some likely candidates for supporting life are Gliese 581 d and HD 189733 b, the latter supposedly containing water vapour and organic matter.

There are also questions as to whether there are moons orbiting these planets. Some people believe that there may even be life in our solar system that we don’t know of. Some moons, like Neptune’s Triton or Saturn’s Europa, may possible have, or had, life, and there is substantial evidence that water once flowed through Mars. Still, no one knows.


15. Creation of the Universe

The universe is vast and unknown. It holds many mysteries.

And possibly the biggest mystery is how the universe was created. Scientists have suggested that there was a massive explosion billions of years ago called The Big Bang.

That theory is now generally accepted, and scientists are looking for trails of energy left behind from the colossal explosion that created a trillion stars.

Yet there is no absolute proof. But the creation of the universe is something too big to happen so simply.

Religious folks will say God/Allah/Vishnu created the universe.

But scientists will say that there was a Big Bang, and that there is energy from the bang moving through the universe, and they are trying to locate the epicentre.

So, the debate continues. Religion vs. Science is probably the biggest conflict in the world.

But what is religion? There are so many different types.

And the difference between the Christian religion and Greek mythology?

No one believes in Greek mythology anymore. But what is science? And math? Things created by man.

So before saying that man created God and science proves it, people should realize man created science as well.

And maybe, the universe is just something made up in our minds.


16. Megalithic structures

A megalithic structure is some thing big made of rock. It could be a statue, or just some rocks strewn around in a pattern.

The truly mysterious thing about the ancients is, how were they able to create such enormous things? They did not have the technology needed to efficiently make them. Stonehenge is a good example.

A bigger one is the Great Pyramid in Giza, or the pyramids themselves.

Sometimes, even their purpose is unclear (Stonehenge), while other times, the structures in question are mysterious and seemingly supernatural (the pyramids).

A megalith (I know, sounds like something from Di-Gata Defenders), a giant rock, is used most of the time, especially in the case of Stonehenge and the Carnac stones.

Still, there are a few megalithic structures that are not mysterious (like Great Zimbabwe), but mostly it seems impossible that the ancients made these things themselves.

Now, many would like to think aliens helped them. Yet even scientists say queerer things.

They suggest that there may have been a lost ancient civilization that was extremely advanced, and they may have given later civilizations the knowledge to build such things.

Yet there is no substantial evidence of either. Other examples: Easter Island Heads, Pyramid of the Sun (in Mesoamerica), other pyramids in central and south America, Colossus of Rhodes.


17. Nazca Lines

Etched into the earth on the Nazca Plains in Peru are giant symbols drawn perfectly straight. Some are hundreds of metres long.

They look as if they were drawn by some giant hand two thousand years ago. And the strange thing is, they can only be seen from the air.

So how did the ancient Nazcans draw them? Researchers say they could have created hot air balloon or kites to fly and view their work.

Indeed, an experiment was carried out and it proved that the Nazcans could have made a working balloon. The symbols themselves are of animals and plants. Yet some are long strips of land without any direct meaning.

A writer named Erich Von Daniken believed that these were landing strips for alien spacecraft, and that aliens could have drawn them.

They may also be for contacting these aliens.

Maria Reiche, an astronomer, says that these lines may be used as a calendar, or to keep track of the stars and planets.

There is a monkey drawing that has a coiled tail that looks similar to the orbital lines of our solar system.

There are even more obscure theories that suggest that there were giant people 2,000 years ago.

Yet, they are still a mystery.


Source: http://www.uphaa.com

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I think the whole 2012 thing is crazy, but you are right about the solar system passing through the galatic plane (not center eg black hole), our solar system orbits the galatic center in a kind of rollarcoaster path. However, there is no real center to the galatic plane ( it is hetrogeneous/different throughout) there are thick spots and thin spots. The date of when the solar system will pass through the galatic plane cannot be predicted down to aboua few thousand years let a lone an exact date!!
From someone who really knows a thing or two about Astronomy!

Interesting blog.

your list is nothing but a collection of pseudo intellectual conspiracy theories that have zero direct physical evidence. furthermore, most of these probably have very mundane real world explanations. The evidence for the big bang exists (it wasn't an explosion by the way, i believe the term is 'inflation')the wmap, as well as evidence for an expanding universe (look up edwin hubble). Most mass extinctions can be explained rather easily, 2012 is almost entirely a fabrication by the media and people seeking attention and money by stirring up fear in the average person, the same can be said about the rest of these so called "unexplained mysteries" if you just take the time to take your head out of your ass and put it into a book.

wassat i cannot believe mayans could be that accurate. well, i am absolutely hoping they could be wrong about that 2012 thingy. i solemnly WISH! crying

err....kinda spooky when i read the 2012 thingy, the UFOs and the GHOST?!sad well...maybe we just shouldn't really bother about it...

smile wink wassat tongue laughing sad angry crying crying angry sad laughing tongue wassat wink smile NIP NIP WORP WORP YIP YIP YIP YIP THE BOOK BOOOK BOOOK, IT WAS ON SESAME STREET.

Necro Blight
"No one believes in Greek mythology anymore. But what is science? And math? Things created by man.

So before saying that man created God and science proves it, people should realize man created science as well.

Man created science and math? HA! funny, very funny, you wanna say that man created the fact that 1+1 is 2? science and math is all about DISCOVERED facts, where religion is possibly (im not saying for certain as theres no prove for its existence and vise verse) only about MADEUP "facts". so personally for me science is by far superior then religion.


Kinda nice theories..Read it for knowledge

I hate these stupid lists. Half the shit you (the writer) 'writes' about is bull shit and plagiarized.

some bloke
errrm earths poles reverse yes, but it takes about 1000 years for effects to even be noticable... check you facts and don't believe everything you here in the news or on the web.

the whole 2012 thing is nonsense. how is it possible that these primitive people can predict the end of the world but not their own demise

i am 12 and what is this?

pretty much a LOT of crap in "your" "17" "unexplained" "phenomena"... damn and now I am out of quotation marks.

But seriously, most of the stuff you claim to be so mysterious and unexplained (have to admit i scanned the rest roughly after the 2nd point) are actually well explained, documented and analysed. Most of the stuff can be googled.

google and the possibilities of obtaining knowlwdge are both imo far greater phenomena than your sensationalist mumbo-jumbo. well most of it is even unexplained for me...

such nonsense

Check your facts, please:

The solar system will not pass through the center of the galaxy. "Our" system ORBITS a galactic center of mass, once every 200 million years (approx). The earth wobbles on it's axis (precession) every 26,000 years (approx).

Also, there's more than a trillion stars in the universe. Way more. Stop using half-baked information. Is the point of this to say that anything that we don't understand well or make up is a mystery? Not too illuminating, my friend.

PS Science and theism are not contradictory.

Ok well fine then...whatever blows your hair back...makes you think further that the black hole of your navel, perhaps I'll book myself a seat at "The resturant at the end of the Universe" and contemplate the answer to all of these questions is actually 42. Now where did I put that pipe and what was it in it when I last took a puff?


Hah, I stopped reading after the 2012 part too. To think that our solar system would pass through the center of the galaxy is completely idiotic and shows that whoever wrote that hasn't the slightest idea of astronomy, as solar systems in the disk of the galaxy (as opposed to the center bulge) are on a relatively flat, circular plane.

And if we did pass through the center of the galaxy every so often, the solar system would be destroyed by the super-massive black hole that resides there.

after I read that the solar system will be passing through the center of the galaxy, I pretty much stopped reading.

Learn what 2012 actually means, instead of what sensationalists tell you.

And also learn some astronomy.

Eh? that's 17, not 15.



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