Here is a list of world records you might not have heard of before.


1. Most Watermelons Smashed with the Head

This is truly amazing because not all people can do it. Just imagine yourself smashing all those watermelons with your head, will it not give you a headache? It is even possible that your head get to be cracked first before the watermelon.


2. Highest Voice For Male And Female

For Female:

For Male:

Georgia Brown and Adam Lopez are very rare singers because they have this kind of ability which make them different from the others.

Their vocal range reach the whistle register which starts from E6 and above.

Georgia Brown is the current title holder for highest voice for female which reach up to g10 or the 9th octave, and as for Adam Lopez he reached C# which is off the piano as the analyst said.


3. Fastest Talker

Can you just imagine yourself being with this woman for about about a minute or two? She will really give you headache.

Luckily, she is not a telephone operator, or else you would have a hard time understanding what she is saying. She is Frank Capo who can speak for about 603 words per minute.

The scientific reason behind her talent is found within the video, but it is all about the broca's area of the brain that gives her out of this world language efficiency.


4. Most Pierced Body

For this woman, she believes that piercing is an art that is why maybe she let her face be covered with all those stuffs, so let us just leave her alone.


5. Furthest Distance Firewalker

This is incredibly awesome, just seeing this man walk on a very hot surface would make you say "ouch".

Just a slight mistake might kill him; remember that most Christians were killed by means of letting them sit on a very hot chair.


6. Longest Vocal Note

How did he do that? This really amazes me because it is really one of a kind ability.


7. Fastest Rubix Cube Solver

I cannot even solve a phase of a rubix cube. Incredibly enough, this person was able to solve it in a short span of time. Bravo!


8. Most Costume Change Illusion

With her ability, you will never have a problem waiting outside the girl's dressing room.


9. Heaviest Vehicle Pulled by Hair

This is incredible since he was able to pull that vehicle with his few strands of hair. Do you want to try that?


10. Heaviest Metal Lifted by Tongue

We know that the tongue is the strongest muscle in our body, but this man might have overdid it.


11. World's Fastest Drinker

I thought this will not interest me but after I saw him drink that fast, I tried it myself also. It was not simple, I almost choked.


12. World's Fastest Rapper

Is it just me, or this person really rap fast to the point that you cannot anymore understand what he is saying? This could be a modern trend for music, don't you think? I think not.

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