New York and London have been connected by "telectroscope" - a mystery machine that its creator says uses a long-lost tunnel between the two cities.

The Telectroscope  –  a giant telescope that gives you the possibility to see all the way from London to New York was introduced today in both capitals during the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. Parabolic mirrors at both ends of the world’s centers allow looking through more than 3500 miles across the globe. The Telectroscope is an 11.2-meter long and 3.3-meter tall gigantic device adorned with gold and wood that gives a great vision of what is happening on the other size of the Atlantic in real time via the tunnel running under the ocean.












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Date: 21 Oct 2008 | Author: mesmerX | Category: News, Pictures | Views: 4402

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John Michael
wow im dumb, i reread it...
im an idiot

John Michael
they are not parabolic mirrors- you got me all excited. It is just like a video camera on both ends.

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