Sunday, 12 Oct 2008

Funny moments in soccer...

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The moving rocks, also known as sliding rocks or sailing stones, are a geological phenomenon found in Racetrack Playa. The rocks ACTUALLY move...

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If you place your arms just right and take the photo from a specific angle you will get a cool optical illusion and it will seem like you're holding the sun in your hands.

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Great pictures of storm drain graffiti taken in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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Photoshopped pictures of before and after, alive and dead, fresh and rotten, young and old.

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This big and powerful monsterbike can crash everything on its way. I think every dude would like to have one of these - for "those" times when someone messes with you.

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Hard questions that matter, like "can a pregnant woman drive in the carpool lane?" or "how can I win at that ultra-important-corporate-decision-making- process, rock-paper-scissor?" and of course, "is turkey a country or a bird first?"...

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