Are you right or left-eyed?

Make a circle with your thumb and first finger. With both eyes open look at an object on the wall or in the distance, and centre it inside the circle. Now close one eye, and then the other. What happens?

What’s happening?

When you closed your left or right eye you should have found that the object jumps outside the circle. If the object seemed to move when you closed your left eye – then you have left eye dominance. If the object moved more when your right eye was closed, then your right eye is the dominant one.

Your brain builds up an image of the world around you using slightly different views from your right or left eye. Most people tend to have a dominant eye so that even when both eyes are open, one is giving priority information.

The object you chose was lined up to be in the circle using information from your dominant eye. When you close this one you can see that the object was not lined up for your other eye.

About 80% of the population are right-eyed, and a very small percentage seem to have no eye-dominance at all.

So what…?

If you take part in any sport that involves shooting at a target (eg archery or darts) then you should know your eye-dominance. Left eyed people should shoot with their left hand and vice versa.

Written by work experience students:
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I have known this for quite some time. I wear glasses, and my left eye is worse than my right eye. Also, when I wake up in the morning, sleepy, my right eye is closed. And when I am tired, I read with my right eye closed. :)

perfect~ im left eyed but right handed!!! ugh

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