Thursday, 25 Sep 2008

Isn't this small house just amazing? It is very tiny but it looks very nice, I like the most bedroom above the entering room. It is created by Jay Shafer and it seems like a good place to take a rest for a few hours. Maybe it is not the smallest one in the world but for sure this kind of house deserves a headline like this one.

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During Valentine's Day most people are looking for one of two things: a present for a loved one, or a way to "love yourself". Don't look for these to satisfy either need. These products look sexual, but are made for other means... honestly!

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Here's some interesting stuff you might know. But probably you don't. Either way they're pretty fascinating or make good conversation topics...

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Sometimes they can be funny, sometimes thought provoking, other times they just mess with your mind. They’ll always take your breath away though and make you wonder at the skills of the people that created them. Following images are our favorite...

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