Imagine living at one of these places You, your wife/girl and... well... you add the other details. :-)






















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1. Venice
2. Donno
3. Probably Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden
4. Old Town Stockholm, Sweden
5. Gullholmen, Sweden (west coast)
6-11 Donno

please remove the last image. the others, ok i guess; but i find it offensive youd include a greek orthodox monastery, or any monastery, as a place you could take your girl :P not good.

he probably doesn't know, and I bet at least one of them is fake

sombody crazy
youre right it could be better with names .
what if i want to move there and i dont even know the names of the places!tongue

It would have been better to include the names of the places.

You should have added where these places are...

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