A local dental clinic:



Another dental clinic. This one is popular in it's area:



Megaflicks - Not the best word for a shop front:



Kids Exchange - As this name wasn't creative enough, they decided to write it together:



Kudawara - What kind of pharmacy is this? :



Arlington Pediatric Center - Loving the kids a little too much:



doughboys - pizza - salad - panini … and something extra?



Atherton Car Centre



Any idea what this is supposed to be?



Instituto de Estudos Orientais



Computer Doctors



Junior Jazz Dance Classes

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Date: 19 Aug 2008 | Author: mesmerX | Category: Pictures | Views: 19109

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Comments: 9

That hits the target prefcetly. Thanks!

tongue so funny

i looooove the last one ^^
the probability of that one happening...... lollaughing

i like this one! hahaahh! crazy! tongue

Aussiesmurf, think of the last one, the jazz classes, with the arms as the bottom of breasts and the heads as nipples.

I get It
The 2 dancers together form the shape of a torso...

Call me weird, but i can't understand what's wrong with the last one (the jazz classes).

The picture captioned "Any idea of what this is supposed to be?" is a sign in Chinese, translates literally as a "multi-functional restroom/lavatory". In other words, it is one of those family restrooms that you find in public places that are convenient if you have to attend to small children.

i hope they changed the pediatric one. damn, that is creepy

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