Cow in hole

One of two cows which fled an abattoir in northern France was found 'hiding' in a drain.

It was rescued – from the drain, at least, if not the abattoir.

News date: 16th Aug 08



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Date: 17 Aug 2008 | Author: mesmerX | Category: News | Views: 9957

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Comments: 6

and im sure all the above people have never ever eaten any form of meat or fish.......

I would have adopted it :( Poor soul, born to feed the greedy human race.

apoor thing crying it should be able to live, instead of all these greedy butchers!angry

Brandi C0cksucker
tongue cute cow ahh

Luke L.M
I agree

Silver Fang
It seems to me if she wants to live so badly, her wish should be granted.

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