Plane accidents and crashes that'll make the pilot say "Oh Shit!", or even "Oops, my bad!".

I've added alternative titles for some of them for alternative humor.


"Just dropping off for some petrol..."

"Yipeee.... let's get a huge electric shock!"



Plane taking swimming lessons?


"Screw flying! Let's play hide and seek."


"I'm depressed, leave me alone!"



Too much cargo.



Not an accident. Just a cool sight.



"What's cookin' doc?"


"Checkout what I can do!"



"A prefect day for diving."



"Excellent... the plain is right on course to my bosses office."


Seems like the 2 dudes are dead anyway, as they jump off the cliff.



Read the ad.


Apparently the smaller plane is taking cover.



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Comments: 26

Bodo pilotna tongue

Ringo Taylor
Love Peace

Ittu BeLagu exstrem uy,,,,


kasian bnr ittu....

pesawat nya kasian...
hahahaha laughing

sadso bad!!!!

crying oh..not only indonesian had air plane accidented .tuh pux saudi jg ada, jd klu mau terbang mesti berdoa dl...


mank pilot nya baru lulus...laughing

and im going to fly airplane to denmark next week!!!crying

I love how the ad engine has placed an airline ad on a page with airline crashes. These pictures make me want to go out and book a flight.


wew..koq ga nongol ne bro pic na???!!!!sad

wah...pesawat pribadi gw ok2 aja tuh...tongue
enakan naek angkot,tggal bayar cepek doank+isep2 dikit...ha99x

palsu kabehan!!!tongue

mau beli pesawat jd gak jd nih..

musibah nmnya..

happy 63th anniversary INDONESIA

wah serem gan......

sapa ya
Dubrak... Mak ini punya ana indo blogna??
Koq comment pake basa indo smua.

hoooam.....akwokeoawke di dalem pada ngewe tu awkeokawoe

Wow... Jadi takut naik pesawat

Makan Nasi Pecel Lele SpeLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

this is mantabz pic men, aqiu jadhji tachut un toek naek peschawatz. mana bechek gak ada ojhek

indonesia mah kontol wkkwkwkw

your comments are tremensoudsly stupid... have you ever thought that some people lost their life on the pics you put here?? Very funny indeed.


Thomas S.
I think the picture with the plane hitting the pickup truck is from a James Bond flick.

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