Icebergs in the Antarctic area sometimes have stripes, formed by layers of snow that react to different conditions.

Blue stripes are often created when a crevice in the ice sheet fills up with meltwater and freezes so quickly that no bubbles form.

When an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater can freeze to the underside. If this is rich in algae, it can form a green stripe.

Brown, black and yellow lines are caused by sediment, picked up when the ice sheet grinds downhill towards the sea.

Here's what I mean...

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shadows are all wrong

Amazing pictures...thanks for sharing...I think it's great that people search for why things are what they are. Why is it so easy for people dismiss the order of things in nature and believe it happened by takes a lot more faith to believe that...

are these
the mountains of madness?

«what happened to my comment? - owsley»

Was bulk removing some spam comments. Probably caught yours by mistake. Sorry.

Vince UK
@ Tray Wonder
It would be a sad world without punctuation and everything All CAPS. How did we get from icebergs to God? I don't have the patience to find out.

Apparently you can connect God with almost anything once you have agreed to stop questioning how things, such as icebergs, occur and closed your mind. 'God did it' is too pat for some of us.

what happened to my comment?

who created the creators?? This has alwasy baffled me. wassat

laughing What a crock religon is. Division = religon. All for one? Nope, Man screws it up. If there was only one GOD and one religon, the others quacks would not even exist. IT is proof man is behind all stupidity.
Icebergs are not anything but frozen matter. Floating danger for shipping, pretty pictures here. Silly people everywhere.

I like icebergs. I wish we had more of them in my country (Dubai).

Now, now, atomo, don't be the Kettle (you too, jim is....). You wouldn't the Pot (Realist) to tarnish your image. Daddy is your avenger, remember?

Hey Jen,

Have you ever heard: Opinions are like noses, everybody has one.


Almost an astute comment, until you decided to play next tinhorn dictator at the end. You're not goin' Stalin on us, are you?

You people just didn't know icebergs could stir up such controversy, did you? Well, hell, one of 'em sank the dingy that "even God couldn't sink".

Watch out where you go
Don't eat that yellow (or blue) snow
(Hell, you can hardly help it with all these chemtrails covering the pagans beautiful earth)


The minuite you use words to describe these image you get set your own boundaries - shut up and wake up...

jim is pissed
shut up thomas

these pictures a quite striking. i really enjoyed looking at them. there is absolutely no reason to go into a bunch of side conversation. it is enough to enjoy the beauty in these photos.


These pictures are absolutly beautiful - thanks to whomever posted them.

Interesting discussion on God too. There's a lot about God I don't understand, I'm just starting... Earlier this year I realized that God is pure love, to me best described in 1 Corrintheans 13. The only "hell" is a state of mind and insanity, when we die we join God's pure light and love (been there, didn't like it). There's no real hell, other than the one we make for ourselves. When we die, we will reunite with our loved ones in pure joy. Blessings to you all...

D. Diggler
All I know is that if it takes being "re-born", or believing in one certain "god" to get to heaven then its not for me. I come from a long line of western decendents, none of whom were "re-born" or such. Also, none of my close friends are "re-born"
So the way I look at it is this. If I were to become what some say "Saved", I would essentially be turning my back on every member of my family and friends, all to go to heaven where I will be all alone to watch my loved one burn in hell... That's not for me. I'm gonna stick it out and backup my family. I'd rather be with the ones I love, than alone after abandoning them.

These icebergs are beautiful in themselves and only need physics and geology to explain how they were formed. Relgion need not be invoked at all.

Carl Barron
The first image ice1 looks like a giant 'Bar Code'. Maybe there's a Bar Code reader in outer space wotcha think folks? laughing

If you want to see some strange things view ‘The Walkford Files’.

Then try explaining the ‘Flaming Hot Human Shaped Objects’ in the night skies’. Let the de-bunkers try explaining them if they can.

jim is pissed
The end is near. Before the end people turn everything into a faith issue. Lot of scared folks out there but as far as quality of life, we aint seen nothin yet. We will very soon.

for all you non-believers i hope you enjoy each others company.......IN HELL!!!

maria - thanks for pix - very cool, very beautiful. Ain't nature awesome?!

Religious debates over some icebergs? ya'll have issues.

Nice pictures. Nice ice. I have an urge to lick the harlequin one.


Embarassing that there are soon many stupid people on this rock proclaiming that thee is a god or its god work or some other utterly stupid and intellectual corrupting words.
FFS, learn some scientific principal and stop being so bloody willfully ignorant ofthe world you live in.

If you live in America, then I guess its to be expected to find mentally deficient types pollution the world with their hate and bigotry.

Alien from inner earth
There is no god just like there is no santa clause. The earth was created by forces that humans cannot understand yet. The moon is an artificial monitoring base so the creatures that created humans & earth can, well, monitor & protect from other parasitic aliens. To think that an invisible old man with a beard created all and watches over all humans pathetic lives is quite amusing. The bible tells you the story of where everything came from. It says 'heaven' which in hebrew means SKY. If humans could get the real bible from the vatican & from Israel they would learn the real story of creation & who done the creating & why but that would throw a monkey wrench into parasites plans & their ulterior motives would become quite clear.wink

Alien from inner earth
There is no god just like there is no santa clause. The earth was created by forces that humans cannot understand yet. The moon is an artificial monitoring base so the creatures that created humans & earth can, well, monitor & protect from other parasitic aliens. To think that an invisible old man with a beard created all and watches over all humans pathetic lives is quite amusing. The bible tells you the story of where everything came from. It says 'heaven' which in hebrew means SKY. If humans could get the real bible from the vatican & from Israel they would learn the real story of creation & who done the creating & why but that would throw a monkey wrench into parasites plans & their ulterior motives would become quite clear.wink

Subhanallah, its just a tiny example of the beauty that created by my GOD, My Almighty Allah, prayer for my those brothers n sisters who don't have faith on GOD.

Just me
Somebody moderate this entry and REMOVE the stupid comments about religion. Seriously.

Anybody interested in knowing the truth about "Jesus" or "Yeshua" need only look (for themselves). The "evil bible" is a good search term. 30,000 known errors and contradictions "can't be wrong". Ancient Sumarian text prove that the bible is really just a rip-off of far older religious beliefs. I could go on - but for you religious nutters that are "convinced" the bible is true, you should really take a SERIOUS look at it's true history. I did - and am an ex-pentacostal minister with a former worldwide ministry. I'm no longer a christian I'm afraid, because I refuse to preach or embrace what is not true.

I'm done, Jim Terr. Enough of hasty generalizations and dictatorial edicts....


Wrong again, bro. Jesus (Yahshua, His Real Name, instead of the western anglicized version), and He Is Real, NEVER hated anyone, not even the ones who killed him (and that would include me). He hates our sin because He loves us. But we, in our self-righteous, mind-numbing intoxication of our limited minds and emotions, decide that He we are so good and He is the hater. Demented thinking, that's all.

So here's a suggestion: quit listening to "religious leaders", political leaders and their ilk, and listen elsewhere. Perhaps YOU will quit focusing on HATE & FEAR. Go ahead, give it a shot.....

Jim Terr
I was sent here to look at some beautiful striped iceberg pix. How did this devolve into a religious argument?? Don't answer that.


Back at ya' all you do. Perhaps we'll meet one day.

Dudes, we got a serious bible study goin' on here. So are you guys gettin' religion on me (yeah, right)?

How 'bout them icebergs?

JESUS WEPT (shortest verse in the B-I-B-L-E)



How 'bout this one: Yahshua said: 'When I return, will I find ANY faith on the earth?'

Yeah, answer that thanks.

I form the light, and create darkness.
I make peace, and create EVIL.
Isaiah 45-7


Outstanding question, and certainly not one for me to even attempt to answer. And if I were you (which doesn't matter either way), I wouldn't try to answer that either, unless you insist on continuing to play His role....


you have proof and keepin' it all to yourself, huh? 'Though you actually make some salient points, you fan the flames of religious fanatacism. So when is someone out there gonna directly deny Yahshua is Messchiach? Go ahead, get it out there so everyone can see it.

When indeed did pictures of icebergs become a religious argument? I'll tell you when: when some poor soul decided to praise his Creator, and all the self-made gods decided to jump the bandwagon and take their shots. Hypocrites....

yeah, right, micheal. I look in the mirror every day and see a liar. That's why I don't have faith in myself, like you, oh foreteller of the fate of all.....



True Beliver
I think that if Jesus were real, he would hate Christians. How would you feel if your words of "peace and fellowship" were later twisted and distorted so a few "religious leaders" could control humanity with stories of fear and retribution by an angry god if their actions don't please him. What a joke. I will gladly burn in "Hell" if these laughable stories are true. Who want to live with a "God" that is so pathetic that he displays human emotions of anger and jealousy? Think for yourself and stop being controlled through fear by others. Wake up people.


"Flame war of religious fanatacism"???? Man, you people take yourselves sooooooo seriously. How 'bout YOU stop thinking you're a god, and allow others to believe there might be one. Then again, like the fellas in Tears For Fears wrote: "Everybody wants to rule the world". Especially you, huh KMD? Always looking for somebody to blame for all of history's problems, even The Creator. But you, you've never had a murderous thought in your mind, now have you, brother? That's where it all go wsh your brain out with soap.

How did the dicussion of icebergs become a religous arguement?

First Jews and Christians are actually satan worshipers. hey've inverted the bible so that warnings are now something good.

Moses was a deciple of hell, and took his children out of hell and took them to earth.

Everything you think is good is actually evil.

Look at the senate or house, the 11 with the SS perverting it. SS is sweet satan. Lincoln was the Devil.

I have proof, you have nothing but words that you read from liars.

Micheal has returned and I'm here to show you who the devil really is. Stop talking and start looking, you'll see the true devil in the mirror.

NO.X ARC has been activated, and you're all so slow you'll drown in your sleep.

What in sour grapes has that got to do with anything, bro? Is that what you're thinking about when you see these icebergs, or do you just enjoy AD LOGOS attacks?

We live by grace, not The Law, brother. Go look that up, but please don't go bible scholar on us. That's a deep well, and you ain't got the rope......


Don't confuse religion with Yahshua, the Messiah. Believe on Him, and you will be saved. That's past/present/future. Just don't follow after men....they're all liars. I mean, look at the presidents? Read my lips, no new bullshit.....

And so your gods are science, history, and "reality" in general (what, pray tell, is that????). Now we all know scientists, historians, and realists are ALL in full agreement, don't we PADDY? And the "faithful"??? I've never found a single one of this segment in full agreement? I'd like to have some of what you're smoking....

Besides, there's only who's faithful....His Name Is Yahshua. Remember that, cuz you're gonna meet Him one day. Peace.....

This site of beautiful icebergs has degenerated into a flame war of religious fanaticism. Amazing how self righteous the christians can get when offends them. But from the 'donation of Constantine' to the formation of the United States, christianity is responsible for most of the horrendous atrocities upon this earth.

DEUTERONOMY 23:1 (true, check it out :)


Jesus and you? why do you hate christians? Jesus doesn't hate christians. In fact, He doesn't hate anyone......

And BTW, bro, won't see you in the ice, but in the fire.


Actually, you must question the motivations of someone who assumes that an all-powerful Creator "creates faulty humans" and then "blames them for his own mistakes." Where's your evidence of that, sir? None, just a broad generalization from the mind of another god in his own mind. Get over yourself.....

And go ahead, Jamesp, baffle us all with your brilliant bullshit. You shoulda been a preacher, or perhaps a quotewriter....

Julie Gallaher
A traveling friend was telling me last night that because of the light refraction in Antartic, there are colors you've never seen. She said it's fantastical.

Religion is a myth, a set of lies mutually agreed upon by the faithful, but it should never be confused with history, science or reality in general.

Religion, Comprises a system of wishful illusions togeather with a disavowl of reality,such as we find in an isolated form nowhere else but in a state of blissful hallucinatory confusion,


True Beliver
Yes I am a be-LIVER. That means I believe in life, not some fairy tale bullcrap. How anyone believes in such stupidity is amazing. Pray for my "soul" all you morons. Jesus and I are laughing at you all. I will be looking for you in the ice...

BTW, "TrueB", if you must be a Liver, remember the platinum rule: never end your sentences with a preposition!!!!!!!! Silly boy.....

That's it, "True Beliver", resort to evil, murderous thoughts and silly questions, oh great knower of all things. I have a better question: why do people like you always show up? Answer: because you're just like the ones who rule/have ruled this world. You know the ones: Hitler, Stalin, Bush, ad nauseum.....

So what's a Beliver anyway. Is that what you really are....a Liver? Is that like an internal organ or the stuff some people eat?

Come on now, Beliver, you can you laugh? Or just an entire religious group of people would die? Time to turn off your video games and get some sunshine......

True Beliver
If this Jesus fellow is real, how come he hasn't shown up? Stupid christians. i wish this ice would melt and re-freeze with all of them inside. That would be something pretty to look at!

Maybe you're on to something, t.s. Perhaps Aquafresh merged with Photoshop!!!

Laugh on, all you self-righteous, believing, unbelieving, skeptics/cynics/churchmen....pardon, I'm being redundant.

Maybe the Aquafresh Toothpaste Company are the creators of the images in those pictures.wink

No evidence of The Creator, huh? Faith = Stupidity??? Have you not heard:

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." HEBREWS 11:1

It's about "spirit", brothers & sisters...something greater than our feeble, fallible minds. You talk about needing evidence, yet still won't call a living, aborted child a baby. All in the eye of the beholder, I guess. Not your beautiful mind, Barbara.....

I won't argue with you God are pretty damn smart! However I think I want to watch your face when you try to hide it from Jesus when he comes....I hope thats not to wrong that I will get immense satisfaction from this?

"JB" A small mind would not acknowledge that
90% of the science data we have suggest creative design. So it does not matter who or what you believe,your small mind does not believe science either. Could be ufo, or Allah, or the vedas from India ,or we are all living in the matrix. However we all got here is not as important, as to stating that you know for sure how we did not get here. You must know more than any scientist on the planet.

What!!?? This is indeed the work of God and Jesus Christ!! For God formed the whole world and who created nature!? God did and He is responsible for your unknown nature!! Just like it takes 2 to make a baby!! Jesus and God Almighty formed the universe and all that we see and are!!

The work of God/Allah!!! Hahahahahahahaaa
So small minded...don't insult nature by calling it God's work.

Rumple Stiltskin
I demand Polka-Dots!!!

I suppose if these things were ugly and a danger, (Which they may well become if they get in the shipping lanes) then they would be works of the 'Devil'.

I see God even in the little ice-cubes in my refrigerator. I have advanced degrees, and am a practicing attorney. So what? My extensive education is not why I believe in God. It is because the Father called me to know that Jesus is true-man true-God.

WoW, look at all the comments about religion. One thing is clear after reading a lot of these posts...religion clearly accomplishes what politics does, and that is reminding us all of our differences instead of what we all have in common...and why is it GOD instead of the plural, Gods! and why is there a gender being used to describe a force. The pictures are stunning! Experiencing these monolithic floating masses in person would be humbling to say the least.

these are great..thanks

these are great..thanks

Mike S
Thanks for a great set of photos.

If there's no God, then who makes the rules? Why not kill your neighbor when you feel like it. Who says it's wrong if there's no God? Do as you please if it feels good..There is a God and scripture says the Heavens declare the glory of God..even the complexity of the human body tells
you it was no accident. He that hath Christ hath eternal life, he that hath not Christ hath not life! It is a Gift from God to you "Jesus Christ"

fact finder
OK, 1 of you atheist, rocket scientists answer 1 question, WHERE DID BACTERIA COME FROM ?? If that question were to ever be answered, it would put to rest a multitude of others

I don't know for sure who created the planet but i know who is destroying it...Airforce via CHEMTRAIL/HAARP.

I don't know for sure who created the planet but i know who is destroying it...Airforce via CHEMTRAIL/HAARP.

Look at the last nine pictures. Then google GLASS TUBES ON MARS. I think these ice photos solve that mystery.

Jacques Snyman
Utterly unreal! It is amazing that our little planet contains so much diverse beauty, and the fact that technology is making this available to all of us to see, makes this even more of a treat!

kunz walter
Nothing beats the wonder and beauty of unspoiled nature.

this is was amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these pictures are awsome shots propes to the photogrover he knows how to take a great pictuer he really caught the light in these pictures he has skillessmiletonguetongue:

this dude got skills he knows his stuff he really caught the light in these picturessmiletonguesmiletongue

these pictures are awsome shots propes to the photogrover he knows how to tale a great pictuer he really caught the light in these pictures he has skillessmiletonguetongue:

Maranda Nielsen
that was sort of cool i bet my bayfriend would love that because he likes colorful thingslaughingtonguesmilewink:wa


O-M-G .. !!~

cool!! xD

Why don't you all stop bitching about how or how not the earth was made and just enjoy the pictures and the earth for what they are; pretty. Stop trying to see the forest for the tree's for once.

these make me think of aquafresh (?) toothpaste--bet you could sell these pix to them!
I DO want to THANK the photographer--these are awesome, I am NOT likely to travel to this area, and I am much warmer right now then you were when you took these!

If God didn't believe in science, he would not have given us the ability to think for ourselves.

athiests running around telling everyone how stupid they are for believing in god are just as bad as super extreme religious people. get over it, who cares if people believe in god.

None of you get the last word.

Saying "god created the world" is the easy way out or an excuse of not having to understand the complexities of physics, science, nature, biology and the world at large.

God is only an illusion forced upon you by parents, society, and media. Nothing else. It's in your head. Doesn't exist. Never has.

i don't think that the people who attribute beautiful things like this ice to the creator are saying there isn't a natural explanation - just saying that they believe that God created everything and should be acknowledged as such. Thats what i think anyway - the more i find out about how things work in the world, the more i believe God created it - not the other way around.

@ Shaggy.

I'm an atheist but it's refreshing to see someone on the internet who believes in god but also believes in common sense! Thanks.

wow this is so beautiful....i wish i could see all this before i die.....its just amazing !!

Honestly...I think bible beaters just need to throw their computers out the window of a 30 story building and move on. I'm religious and believe, but c'mon...this is nature. Why can't we all just look at it's glory for a second and realize just how powerful and beautiful the forces of this planet are. God created us and everything around us...which means he also created science and everything that it's research brings. Religion has robbed so many people of something we call freedom of thought it's sickening. My prayers to God every night included a prayer for every self-rightious bible thumper that goes around sayin everything's wrong or a sin....Fuckin'-A you guys....grow the fuck up and use the most powerful organ God gave you. AKA your brain!

BTW....beautiful pictures...I hope someday my travels will allow me to see such beauty in person.
how does everything turn into a religious debate?

There is a lot of arrogance in these comments. This is a good thing because it takes a lot of arrogance to think that the laws of nature 'just happened'.

Everyone believes in something, even an Atheist.
The fact of the matter is that you who don't believe are afraid to believe. Inside you are full of forgiveness and anger. You have tried everything else under the Son, why not try believing in Him. It won't cost you a penny, but will change your life.

People believing bothers me because of all the atrocities done in God's name! Think of how many wars are started over religion... think of how much intolerance religion has caused... think of how little people use their brains when its easier for them to say "it must be a work of god" (this website is an example of that). Belief in God has robbed so many people of proper morals and critical thinking power. So to say that their belief doesn't bother me is a HUGE overstatement!

Yea good point. Believe in god, or know god is imaginary. Same thing. We'll all live a so-so life and die anyway.

devils advocate
so does either side have proof weather god is real or god is fake. personally i feel arguing over it is a waste of time. if someone wants to believe in god what does that bother you that they have faith. and if you believe there is a god whats wrong if someone else dosent believe in god that wont affect you. so to bicker so childishly about a compleatly unproveable topic is pointless the pictures can be seen as beautiful as some. others see it as a work of sience and others choose to use it to conferm their faith in god as long as there not hurting any one i dont see the need in bashing somones beliefs and i also feel its wrong to push your cristian or any other beliefs on some one else

FAITH: "A strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny".

In other words...

It's believing something with ABOSULETY ZERO EVIDENCE to support it.

In other words person who has faith is engaging in: stupidity, self-denial and ignorance of FACT.

It's a FACT that you jump of a 50 meter building (no matter who you are), you'll DIE. Because you can prove it with observational results.

But when someone believes in anything (like GOD), that has no observational evidence or proof, they're engaging in: stupidity, self-denial and ignorance of FACT.

But wait...

A god believer or Santa-clause believer doesn't look at it that way.

They'll come up and/or create all sorts of evidence out of the blue, in order to justify for what they believe is REALLY TRUE.

For example...

A Santa-clause believer won't consider FACTS like:

1) Santa-clause was a concept designed by Coca-Cola in 1880's.

2) We have never seen a flying reindeer anywhere.

3) If Santa had to carry present for every child in a typical 3-million people city, that would equate to over 6,000 TONS of presents (considering each present is 200 Grams) with size of a football field. And he's supposed to fit it in his little backpack.

A believer in "Santa-clause" doesn't care about above stated FACTS. They'll STILL discard it and try to justify why Santa still exists.

That's exactly what a GOD believer does. You'll hear "yea but XYZ". And ofcourse the XYZ that follows is their justification for why their belief is STILL TRUE.

See, the older something is, the less questioned it'll be for it's authenticity. Because people subconsciously think "Well if this concept is so old, there's no way it's inaccurate".

This especially applies to religion or God. (Something they create in their minds using power of imagination (thanks for right brain.))

If you took away human ability to imagine or invent a concept, God concept would not exist.

This entire dilemma can be classified under category of faith.

the only important things are in the Bible? Give me a break!!! The next time you're sick or injured do you really want the doctor to open the bible and consult it for medical procedures!?!? Does the bible include all the steps for giving someone CPR? What about the details of perfoming an open heart surgery? I don't remember seeing those things in the bible. But if we all just stand around a dying person and prey, everything will all work out; don't bother giving them expert medical attention!!!!

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