1.Vielle Bon Secours:

This tops the list of the world's most expensive beer, costing around £500 (equivalent to around $1,000) per bottle or about £39 (equivalent to around $78) per pint. It can only be found in a bar called the Bierdrome in London

2.Tutankhamen Brew:

The recipe of this brew is prepared according to the recipe and brewing method discovered by a team of University of Cambrige archaeologists/Egyptologists in the Queen Nefertiti's Temple of the Sun in Egypt. The brewery found in the corner of the said temple is believed to have been built by King Akhenaton who is King Tutankhamen's father.

This is also the place where King Akhenaton queen, Nefertiti worshiped.The archaeologists sought expert advice from Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Edinburgh and the beer is brewed in the Cambridge laboratory, costing around $52 per bottle. The production is also limited and the edition is also numbered

3.Samuel Adams' Utopias:

This beer is brewed by the Boston Beer Company, using the brand name of Samuel Adam's Utopias, named after one of the founding fathers of the USA.

This comes second in the list of the world's most expensive beer which costs around $100 per bottle (24 oz) or about $67 per pint, sold in copper bottles resembling the copper brewing kettles which are used by brewers for hundreds of years.

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Comments: 60

you are a fag black man


Zach Page
has anyone ever gotten so drunk that they have a gang bang with like 20 guys...i havesmile

Found it on one site at 29 Euro but once I added shipping it bumped to 198 Euro. I found another store TheBelgianBeerShop.com and they had a promotional price going on and resells at 178 Euro Worldwide shipping included. However as well 198 Euro without promotion. Seems like those bottles are very hard to find online bellow 198 Euro. Give me a 6 pack of Westvleteren 12 instead ;)

British beer is frigging awful. I like Coors.

fine drunkies go get urself killed..Dang drunks...Anything to kill them angry

How big is the bottle?

500/39=12.8 pints/bottle
=7.2 litres! That's a big bottle of beer

"I prefer wine"....yea, skidrow's favorite libation....

If beer was about flavor no one would care about the alchohol content. wink Pass me another Buz - I mean Bud.tongue

And Snaps, I agree. While the Utopias is quite tasty, the "beer" alone doesn't really warrant its pricetag. I think that, manufactured in higher quantities and not packaged in a commemorative, numbered, hand-crafted brew kettle, it ought to retail at about $40-60 a bottle, more comparable to a single-malt Scotch.

I agree with Dadra; if we're going to open up a great "my beer is better than yours" poop-flinging contest, I say we transcend petty civil rivalries. More (and possibly most) important, I feel compelled to say that based on the myriad tastes, preferences, styles and innovations resident here since craft brewing took off, that the USA takes the gold for uber-brau-supremacy.

The bottom-line is that there are great beers all over the country -- from North Coast to Stone to Boulevard to Spoetzel to Bell's to Boston to Dogfish Head... While I had some great beers in German and Belgium, it quickly occurred to me that they were all confined to their own local styles (some even legislated) and I became painfully aware of how special American brewing is. Sure, point out macrobrew, but don't pretend there aren't Radlers and Diesels being quaffed down on the other side of the pond.

Discuss. (Read: bring it)

Barkin Hiccough
The best beers are from a little island off of Europe called GB for short. Try any of their Ambers, Porters, or Stouts. You'd be hard pressed to go wrong. tongue

Actually, the best beer in the world is San Miguel, brewed in Manila, Phillippines. So there!

Beer like your favorite football team or college is a matter of personl preferance. To say if I do not like it, it must be crap is like saying my team is best and all of you suck. If someone is willing to poney up the cash and enjoy an expensive brew,more power to them. I drink Miller Lite and I don't give a rats fanny what anyone else thinks. Go Blue!

I have had my fair share of spendy beer, and have yet to find one that was heads and shoulders above decent hand crafted beer. I live in the Northwest and have a well developed palate for beer. I am sure that these expensive bottles of beer are good in their own right, but I highly doubt they stand out better than your local favorites.

"Besides, however you package it, beer is so 'working class'. ...or rather No class.
I drink wine!"

I drink wine, too. And good wines, just like the good beers I drink. I pair both with food, too. Frankly, beer and wine share a lot of similarities in terms of learning to taste and appreciate their finer points. And there are a good number of high-end chefs and restaurants that are starting to learn about beer and use it appropriately, both in their cooking and as a beverage pairing with food. (At least, that's what I've been hearing. I can't afford high-end restaurants, though, because I enjoy too much high-end beer and upper-middle-end wine.)

Great, another moron jumps onboard the Clint Eastwood fantasy train. Who cares about witty side comments? We are talking about beer you ninny shithead. angry

Go play with your power rangers and leave the discussion to real beer enthusiasts.

I don't see what all the fuss is to be honest... It's all just beer ain't it? I mean they all just taste the same don't they?

Wehatestupidamericans - oh that's all o ...
Do you guys even know what Beer is?
Fizzy orange water doesnt count.

What is the point of drinking beer without wanting to get wasted?
It's like going to an expensive high class prostitute just for a chat!
Besides, however you package it, beer is so 'working class'.
...or rather No class.
I drink wine!

"You must try the "Pizza Port" beers we have here in San Diego". Yes, I've been to the Pizza Port in Solana Beach a couple of times. The beer is great, and the pizza is even better -- the best I've ever had!

turd furgeson
There are many awesome breweries east of the Rockies, other than Dog Fish Head (which is, actually, one of my personal favorites...90 min IPA....oh yeah). Try any of the New Holland brews out of Michigan starters. The high gravity series have been quite tasty, but most of their recipes satisfy. Location doesn't mean anything, but high quality water does help. Rockies...Coors...poot

"I've got a bottle of Utopias on the top shelf of my liquor cabinet and I only share it with special guests who can really appreciate ..."

yeah, I bet they really appreciate it when you offer them a glass of warm beer from a bottle you opened a month ago.

"But some people only want what every other John Doe is drinking"

And some people only want what someone else tells them is special and better than what others enjoy.

I'll stick to my Hoegarrden. Best beer I've had yet.

Carmel is a city in California, of which Mr. Eastwood was mayor. It was a sly and witty connection, actually; I am glad that Will pointed it out.

Right but correctings someone who has mispelled something with an arbitrary (and disgusting) comparison is just stupid. You also lose two points.

My freind Joe would like to try all three. Is anyone going to London anytime soon, or are you a bunch of kids? I bet they kick ass, but way overpriced.

He was talking about the lack of spelling about Caramel.

Patrick that comment made no sense....you are docked two points. Don't confuse this discussion about beer with your wet dreams about Clint Eastwood.

«Utpoia tastes like carmel flavored tires.»

What does Carmel tatse like? I hope not Clint Eastwood's ass...

Wow, it's amazing the comments on here. Some true beer lovers. And others. Let's face it, if everyone wanted beers this good, there would be no Budweiser or MGD.

But some people only want what every other John Doe is drinking. Let them be, and let them have their Bud and MGD and other low-alcohol, low-flavor beers.

For the rest of we can hope to one day enjoy these three, or keep our own list of good brews. For my money and from what I have had so far, I put Goose Island (Chicago, IL) Bourbon County Stout at the top of the list. For overall brewer excellence, Craftsman Brewing Company in Pasadena, CA takes top prize on my list.

I love it when anyone from east of the Rockies (except for Dogfish Head) pretends they know anything about beer.

I bet the beer is great and all, but shame on James for being so anti-Fark. Drew be damned. Seriously though, America rocks, and most of your cuntries know better anyways


So suck it James

just because something is expensive doesn't make it good.

Special beer for special people.....it is all lies and statistics.

Hey!! Lay off James.Budweiser does make you retarded. You must try the "Pizza Port" beers we have here in San Diegowassat

James I bet I could drink a case faster than you.

email James @ benway23@gmail.com

You people have no clue. This is the highest class beer for the highest class people. If you want cheap thrills, drink some of that american piss you genuises are so fond of.


I think I'll just stick to good ol' Fiji Bitter.smile

That copper bottle does not look like all copper to me....the neck is plastic.

James you're picture should be under schmuck in the dictionary

It's a good thing they make $125 dollar a bottle beer, mr universe, cause beer snobs like you will buy it. I think they're hitting their target market just fine. tongue

Some girl
James... You wouldn't know good beer if walked up and kicked you in the assangry

I've got a bottle of Utopias on the top shelf of my liquor cabinet and I only share it with special guests who can really appreciate the character, depth, and craftsmanship of it.

If you think it tastes like "tires," this beer is clearly not made for you. At $125 a bottle, only someone who is serious about these things will buy it.

Dread Pirate Roberts
$1,000.00 a bottle = 66 cases of 30 paks @ $14.99 = 1980 CANS / 66 cases of 20 longnecks = 1320.
that should be enough to get wasted on! (if not get cheaper beer) wink

Utpoia tastes like carmel flavored tires.

Upton O Goode
Sweet! This stuff outa make me a farking genius.

Utopia is usually between 20-25% ABV, so yes, it will get you fucked up.

La Vielle Bon-Secours.... Hurdy-Gurdy Good Help?

$1,000 a bottle?
My dead homies ain't getting none of that!

Wow. a thousand bucks? I could get 62.5 Miller High Life Light thirty packs for that. Or 25 Racks of HeifeWeisen. Unless I hit the lotto, I doubt I'll never even see a bottle.

Oh, James. Silly, silly James. Perhaps a sense of humor? wink Maybe it's a fark thing.

i don't think so, al laughing

I bet none of these beers touches Trappist Westvleteren 12 (yellow cap), THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD.


but....would this make chicks want to do me if I gave this to them?

wink right.. what James said, just not so angry.

Idiot.... good beer is not about getting fucked up its about taste...if you want to get fucked up buy a bottle of cheep rotgut genius angry

But what's the alcohol content? Can I get fucked up on this?


thas retarded

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