Spaghetti Junctions Western drivers are understandably confounded and rightfully annoyed, when faced with such traffic-routing masterpieces as these: (see the whole list of them in Wikipedia here).

Tom Moreland Interchange, intersection of Interstate 85 and Interstate 285, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Central Motorway Junction - New Zealand State Highways 1 and 16, Auckland, New Zealand.

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9 Funny Street Intersections

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Gee wiliklers, that's such a great post!

Kudos to you! I hadn't touhght of that!

Pim Delfgou
In Canada, Toronto has the infamous "Basketweave", a complex freeway interchange where Highways 401, 427, 409, Dixie Road as well as three other major streets converge.

Last one I-105/I-110 Interchange (Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange)

The last one is Los Angeles 110 105 interchange

Hey, how can you people overlook The Bruckner Interchange in The Bronx?


has the case for TOTAL TRANSPARENCY in government been clearer?

The bottom photo is two junctions pasted together in photoshop. The scale and perspective don't match.

I'm pretty sure that last picture just before the Russian drawing is fake. None of those roads have any supports.

And, of course, there's the magic roundabout in Swindon

On the ground, Birmingham's Gravelly Hill Interchange is a breeze to navigate. I'd rather have that than another bloody roundabout (or 'circus')

I didn't think Spaghetti Junction in Auckland New Zealand was that complicated, but here it is...

And to think some people in my city have trouble with roundabouts. tongue

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