Sexy girlIt is well known that men and women use a wide variety of gestures while paying court to somebody.

Most gestures are used unknowingly.

The success of the relationship depends on your ability to give certain signals and perceive the ones that are being sent to you.



Raised eyebrows.

When we see a person that we consider attractive, we begin raising and lowering our eyebrows.

If the person also feels drawn to you, his eyebrows will also start going up and down.

This gesture lasts only 1/5 of a second but it takes place all the time, with people of both sexes and all ages.

This "eye making" can be easily left unnoticed, but if you do notice it, you will certainly be given 100% of the person's attention.

Slightly opened lips.

If a person likes you, his or her lips automatically open the moment your eyes meet.

Standing at attention.

If a man is standing straight, with his shoulders squared and with his belt tightened, he's trying to show himself in all his beauty.

If he is leaning forward to hear what the woman is saying, it is even better.

Adjusting the clothes.

If a man is adjusting his tie, he really hopes that you will notice it.

He may also sleek his hair, pull down his jacket, see if his lapels are in the right place.

When a man is playing with the buttons of his jacket he's probably nervous.

Using this gesture he's also trying to demonstrate his subconscious wish to get undressed for you.

The next stage is when he takes his jacket off and places his arms on his hips.

If he has used all these gestures, it means he's already imagining your shoes under his bed.

Playing with the hair.

In order to show her sympathy towards a man, a woman makes a movement with her head to get her hair off her face.

She may also move it aside with her hand.

She tries to send the same signal by licking her lips.

By the way, men also like sprucing up while talking to a woman.

At the same time a woman will never miss a chance to count the number of times a man sleeks or bristles up his hair during the conversation.


A man is openly trying to show that he's examining the woman's body, by casting some looks at its most beautiful parts.

Ladies, you shouldn't be flattered, he automatically scanned your figure the first second he saw you.

All he wants to do now is to let you know that he considers you as his sexual partner.

Crossing the legs.

If the toes of a person's shoes are pointed at you, he or she is certainly interested in you.

If you point your knee towards the person you're interested in, you'll demonstrate that you're ready for a closer relationship.

One of the most captivating poses is when a woman is sitting with her legs crossed under herself and her knees are exposed to the person she's talking to.

It means she's wants a man to take more decisive steps.

Playing around with cylindrical objects.

A man, as well as a woman, when excited, will definitely find a glass or even a fork to stroke it or to touch it with his fingers.

Cylindrical objects remind men of the woman's breasts, and the women of the man's genitals.

Woman's wrist has always been considered one of the erogenous zones.

When a woman is interested in a man she'll try to keep her palms and her wrists in the man's sight.

Touching the face.

If a person is interested in you, he'll keep touching his chin, his ears and his cheeks.

It means that he or she is subconsciously fixing the lies.

This is a combination of nervous and autoerotic actions.

When we're interested in somebody, our lips and the lower part of the face become very sensitive to stimulation.

If you're smoking, you'll begin inhaling more often. If you're drinking something, you'll begin taking more sips.

You enjoy touching your lips, and what is more, you let the other person know that a kiss is not far off.

The leading hand.

It is a good sign if a man is holding you by the elbow or by the shoulder. In the first place, it is a good way to lead you through the crowd.

Secondly, this way he can be sure that you don't get lost.

Thirdly, this will frighten away the other men: after all, you already have one by your side.

Fourthly, this lets him accidentally touch you … All in all, it's a good gesture.

He's offering you his sweater or his coat.

Few men would be very glad that a woman came back from a date wearing somebody else's jacket, even if otherwise she would have died from cold.

Men offer their jackets or sweaters to women because it's a defensive, sexual and proprietorial gesture.

He's saying “What is mine, is also yours ” (and otherwise ). At first the jacket smells of him, and then it smells of you.

Eventually, by giving it to you, he'll have one more cause to appear on the scene again, at least to get back what belongs to him.

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Comments: 13

wassat I've been sending a lot of sexual messages to people

wassat I've been sending a lot of sexual messages to people

The part about crossing your legs is so much horse hockey it's not even funny. I doubt if there are any or at the least many women who can sit without crossing their legs in some manner. Am I to believe that all the women in my life have been unconsciously been sending me messages? If ss, then why, may I ask, am I still single after 56 years? This is just a load of feldercarb.



I frequently touch my lips, means put two or three fingers, sometimes with and othertimes without thumbs but at that time , i am drowned into thinking about some subject and analysing about my studies

umm... body language is a major part of communication... so yes there is truths in it.
dismissing that someone's body language doesn't have an effect on an interaction is ignorant.
Verbal communication is very important... but really, even vocals are projections of body language, the timbre and pitch, how loud or soft are just as important.... what you actually say is barely anything... people are more likely to remember what you do not what you say... just sayin...

The only real way to know if a person is sexually attracted to you is by verbal communication. The rest is a guessing game, which may or may not work. If you spend enough time with a person and learn their moods, then you will feel safe enough to ask in a non threatening way. they'll tell you. Reading ambiguous signs as positively truth will get you in trouble more than not. Then again if your in a bar scene looking for a one night stand, what ever you get, (including STD you deserve). Sexual contact can be had with others, but only others that you really know. "That's my opinion, and I'm sure it won't be most of your's opinion. It has worked for me for years and I don't see me changing it anytime soon for a guessing game.

yea i agree with dave. just cuz someone does these things doesn't mean they're attracted to you. they could just be full of themselves. I made the mistake of thinking someone was attracted to me when they did some of this stuff-never again. and the cylindrical objects thing is bullcrap.

i once had a woman grab my genitals but figure she was just trying to shake hands but missedwink


Yes these are true. I included them as useful stuff.

As with *any* pop-psychology report - yes and no. If you see someone you'd like to impress, would you check/adjust your clothes? Probably. But - if you see someone check/adjust their clothes, does it mean they'd like to impress you? Not necessarily. They might have noticed how hideous your clothes are. They might have noticed someone behind you. They might have a rendezvous shortly. They might be a compulsive clothes adjuster.

The same holds for the rest of them. Might you do it? Yup. Does it *absolutely* mean anything? No.

Are these even true?

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