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Lightning Break Pool Lightning Break Pool
Play pool, looking down at table. Has advanced physics.
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Bouncy Soccer Ball Bouncy Soccer Ball
Keep the soccer ball from falling down to the ground by clicking on it while it's in air.
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The Professionals The Professionals
First person shooter game. Snipe or shoot at the targets.
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Boom Boom Volleyball Boom Boom Volleyball
Experience endless fun playing this amusing volleyball game.
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Beach Tennis Beach Tennis
Play tennis with one of the girls on the beach.
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Yeti Hammer Throw Yeti Hammer Throw
Hammerthrow.. with a Yeti! See how far you can fl
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Action / Adventure Games

Chicken Across the RoadChicken Across the Road
Guide your chicken to the worms in a frogger type
Jump 'n' GlideJump 'n' Glide
Collect all the baloons in number order as you avo
Musical LanternMusical Lantern
Dodge the obstacles in time to the music in this
Planet GobblerPlanet Gobbler
Use the mouse to guide the gobbler to each planet

Sports Games

Island Mini GolfIsland Mini Golf
You're on an island, presumably by yourself. What
Run Like JesusRun Like Jesus
Take up the role as Jesus of Nazareth as you leg
Shooting HoopsShooting Hoops
Get past the other players and shoot a basket to
Stick CricketStick Cricket
Go for the boundaries in this excellent Cricket g

Puzzle Games

Absolutist JetpackAbsolutist Jetpack
Here is an excellent puzzle game in which you have
I am sure you have all played the bog standard
Hacker 2Hacker 2
Did you think the original 'hacker' was easy? Try
The aim of the game is to use various pipe fitting

Shoot 'em up Games

Flash CrisisFlash Crisis
Shoot against the time limit, using SPACE to hide
Kung Fu FighterKung Fu Fighter
A nice kung fu fighting game.
Shoot Rat!Shoot Rat!
Use you're revolver and shoot as many rats as poss
Target PracticeTarget Practice
Have a good old fashioned game of target practice

Other Games

Acne Be Gone!Acne Be Gone!
Pop this Tony Adams lookalike's zits in as little
Cave ProblemsCave Problems
Guide your faceless friend around the cave, collec
Color Vision TestColor Vision Test
An excellent eytest, designed to test wheher or no
The aim of this game is to get all 11 members of y

Racing Games

QWERTY WarriorsQWERTY Warriors
Type as fast as you can to survive!
Skidoo TTSkidoo TT
Wicked cool snow-surfing game.
TGFG RacingTGFG Racing
Race around the track smashing into your opponents
The Paper CupThe Paper Cup
The original Paper Cup racing game! You're the rid

Retro Games

Little LokiLittle Loki
Help Little Loki escape from the hell.
Martian MadfishMartian Madfish
Swim in the water and try to dive as high as possi
Sewer DwellerSewer Dweller
Throw dynomite at the sewer dwellers as they come
Symphony In BeeSymphony In Bee
An adventurous skill game, Help BeeHoven to play t

Beat em up Games

Ad Tick FighterAd Tick Fighter
A strange game where you beat the heck out of some
Bloody RageBloody Rage
Mortal Kombat style fighting game. It's a bloody
Bush Vs KerryBush Vs Kerry
Play as either Bush or Kerry and knock the living
Towel FighterTowel Fighter
I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but thi